Thresholds offers the doorway from prison to a free and happier life!

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Detention Volunteer Appreciation Day Held
The annual Detention Volunteer Appreciation Day was held on Saturday, February 10th at San Jose Mission in Albuquerque...
About 60 people attended including 23 Threshold mentors and alumni. The morning began with Mass led by Archbishop Emeritus Sheehan followed by coffee and fellowship.

The Keynote speaker was Erick Pacheco now of "A New Awakening" who reflected on his lifelong struggles and incarceration, but how God had taken over his life... Some present stated they were almost jealous of his experiences if only they could reach his beautiful level of growth and faith.

Herman Delgado presented 7 new Thresholds Mentors and interns. And Deacon Robert Vigil presented awards to at least 15 who had worked for decades within the prisons.

Arrest, Incarceration or Release
At the last gathering, Mentors attended a discussion of the legal implications of the current legal aspects of arrest, incarceration and release at the Pastoral Outreach center. The open discussion was hosted by Mark & Terri Keller, both practicing attorneys. The event provided some real insights into the variables that go into determining whether a defendant is considered a flight or public risk and whether they need to be detained.

Balloon Fiesta Day - October 7, 2017
The Archdiocese of Santa Fe hosted a Continental Breakfast and Balloon Watch for Menteers, Mentors and Graduates at the Catholic Center Sandia Rooom. It's always been a premier location for watching Balloons over the Rio.

The Mentoring Program ...
is a cooperative venture betweeen the New Mexico Corrections Department and faith-based communities to assist selected offenders and improve the transition process from prison or treatment facilities to their communities and families. We work with any person regardless of religious affiliation.
The program serves returning citizens released from prisons and treatment facilities in the state of New Mexico returning to the Albuquerque or Santa Fe areas.
Only men and women who have demonstrated through their choices and behavior that they are really ready to make positive changes in their lives will be accepted as volunteers for the program. At this time, sex offenders and offenders with histories of severe, chronic violent behavior will not be accepted.
If you would like a Mentor team, fill out the Mentee Application and submit to:

Mentee/Mentor Coordinator
Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Pastoral Outreach Office
4000 St. Joseph Place NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Never Forget:
"You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men" 1Cor 7:23

New Life and New Energy for Thresholds
New things are happening at Thresholds starting with Volunteer Appreciation Day, a Threshold's newletter and training for our new Mentors. We'll try to keep you updated and provide an on line list of resources on this our new website. Save this link and keep in touch!

THRESHOLD -"The sill of a doorway; Any place of entering or beginning."

Project Thresholds History
Thresholds began as a cooperative venture between the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and the NM Department of Corrections in the year, 2000. The Corrections Department wanted to reduce recidivism by involving churches and community members. The Archdiocese was responding to our Gospel call as well as the US Bishops Challenge in their 2000 Pastoral Statement: "Responsibility, Rehabilitation and Restoration, A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice."
Volunteers are recruited from parish communities to serve on a team of two or three mentors to accompany women and men transitioning from prison to families and communities. One team assists one person. They start meeting shortly before a person leaves prison to begin establishing a good relationship and set goals. Thereafter, they meet on a regular basis for one year after release.
Mentors offer encouragement, good modeling, advice when mentees stray from their goals and linkage to resources in the community.
Together, mentees and mentors share their faith journey and all grow in the process. The project was developed by Sister Sue Reif, OSF and many others who worked with her at the Archdiocese and the Corrections Department.

"When I was in prison, you visited me..." Matthew 25:36

What Threshold Graduates have said about their Experience:
  • "My mentors gave me hope and courage to believe in myself. They held my hand until I had the strength to walk on my own. They are people I will always treasure." --Toni

  • "The Thresholds program and its mentors helped me make an easier and a positive start in my second chance in life." -- Eugene

  • "It showed me that there's real people that do care. In prison, you hear about how hard it's going to be when you get out, but really it becomes what you make it. I had the extra support from my mentors that I needed." -- Tony

  • "...I had so much fear of being out in society. My mentors took me around to a lot of places and helped me get comfortable. Now I can sit in public places and not feel like I'm a felon and everyone is looking at me..." --Tricia

  • "It was a real blessing because I didn't have any family here... My mentors opened themselves to know who I really was, not what I did or my past - but who I am. I was blessed..." -- Rogelio

  • "The main thing was support... knowing that someone is there who actually cares about someone's sobriety and being out in the real world." -- Donnie

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